Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Organization Agility

This term is often used by many without understanding the real meaning of it.  Open any website and I am sure 50% of them might have used this term in their “About us” or somewhere in their Vision-Mission-value statement. defines organizational agility as: “The capability of a company to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market.”

Product and services life cycles have become short, digital disruptions is heavily affecting businesses and paradigm shift comes much faster than ever before for many businesses.

All above factors keep creating many familiar and unfamiliar challenges for the business leaders / owners. It has become mandatory for them to quickly respond to these changes if they want to survive in their business.

For many business owners, regression has always been the most preferred tool to establish relationship between the strategy and variables. It used to work successfully during organic growth phase of their business however today; market dynamics and flow of technological changes have become too frequent creating many unfamiliar challenges.

When time and technologies changes rapidly, business leaders / owners will press panic button to quickly gain capabilities and respond to the challenges. Though it’s a wishful thinking; achieving capabilities in short span will not be practically possible. Most of the business leader / owners do not know how to cope with the situation. Sometimes they abruptly empower wrong people to act which can drastically slow down the process of achieving business objectives.  The artifact will be on the entire work force in terms of uncertainty about their career road map and company future. It may create confusion for the key employees on their part they are expected to play.

The final winners of the future will be the companies and their leaders who know how to respond to the changing business environment. I always say that “Think-Learn-Move and Win" theory will work however you need to equip yourself with new skills and have a mind set for learning new things. The right leaders can ignite the passion in dormant teams and get the best outcome.

Bhartesh Sagar
April 2, 2014