Thursday, January 2, 2014

How important is employee energy for the organization?

Every activity of the employee is a result of large scale and extensive nature of energy prevailing in their department. Collectively it will have ultimate impact on the overall work environment of the department and the company. 

You don't build a business - You build people and then people build the business. This is the hard reality. Efficient energy usage by employees at work place is of significant consequence to every company and this is something that should be carefully managed by the person in leadership position.

It is always from the interactions of some people, one can recognize the origins of sensible (as well as irrational) employee behavior. Without being specific to departments or on single character behavior, reality is that one cannot expect good results to be delivered when their employees do not perform their jobs with full energy and job satisfaction.

Individuals normally accumulate their own perceptions into their mind and use it for their tasks such as planning, evaluating possibilities, knowledge gained from the many direct and indirect experiences; accordingly they manage their daily functioning and decision taking.

A good leader will always focus on employee needs of the department for understanding and exploration. They need to learn and understand the way in which the specific work environment supports or hampers employee needs since this is likely to affect everything from behavioral competence to job satisfaction and the interrelationships of all employees within the department. They all are highly interrelated with each other.

Team-based problem-solving and brainstorming are some of the most effective cluster-based exploration tools that a leader can use through which they can explore and identify employee issues and their department need. Active discussion will also help and allow employees to expand their thought process - understanding.

Real issue is when a person in leading position has his own mind frame based on limited domain knowledge and experience, uses the power of position and drive employees as per his own (right or wrong) understanding assuming that this is the right way of performing the job. They never take pains to get into self experience and perform the employee task so they are never aware of the actual pain points. They mostly behave like a task master who will have absolute negative effects on moral of the employees. Chained reaction will also affect the group behavior. After that you cannot expect employees to perform their jobs with full energy.

Active participation in the process and self-experience of performing the task will prove to be meaningful action rather than acting as task master and playing around with moral of the performing people. By the time damage is done, it will be too late.

Think about it.

Bhartesh Sagar

January 2, 2014

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