Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time to change old version of talent strategy

Traditional methods of performance review and performance appraisal seems to have lost its effectiveness in terms of motivating the employees.
It actually creates more of negative effects especially when the employee is required to do the same kind of job and similar assignments again and again without any changes.

Management consultant Aubrey Daniels opinion is that performance appraisals can be ineffectual and even counterproductive. The reviews are "painful and don't work" and, furthermore, they "produce an extremely low percentage of top performers." And yet 99 percent of companies still do that.

It is quite natural that people lose job satisfaction if they are required to do the same job again and again. Periodical changes in their assignment or may be some different business vertical, some new technology or geography will work fine since they will bring new challenges. In most cases, you will find that employee will put in his/her best efforts into such assignments. 

When they achieve positive results, it creates double amount of job satisfaction since they not only overcome the challenges but in a process they have learnt something new. How to create such vertically distributed opportunities will fully depend on the business owner and key stake holders’ attitude towards growth.
Sometimes changes are introduced in such a manner that the performing employee does not see any “rewarding values” in it. Abrupt changes in structure would be severely detrimental to the performing employees, legacy and overall company culture.

It’s a tough job however matured operation manager - COO will always be able to device new talent strategies that can enhance the internal capabilities without creating any ill feeling for employees. Through on-the-job training and re-skilling their performing employees for new platform and enable them to leverage on new business opportunities.

Think about it.

Bhartesh Sagar

January 29, 2014

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