Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to be better than an average company?

Though the market scenario has substantially changed in terms of expectations of global service buyers, most mid-size Indian companies do not seem to be restructuring their operations. Excluding batter work place and infrastructure, archaic management systems still exist wherein business owner / partners / families continue controlling the business. Power delegation is rarely provided to senior managers so the designation of the senior manager remains only on their business card and not in its true sense.

Benefits of above management model– 

  • Decent benefits package plus the non-usual favors / benefits
  • Talented pool of technical people gets attracted to higher salaries
  • Freedom and support without any specific direction
  • Casual outfit allowed at work place

Artifacts of above management model – 

  • All senior and middle level managers do only micromanaging
  • It is impossible to get anything done without technical manager telling how to do things.
  • Decision taking authority is only the business owner/s.
  • Non-technical people take technical decisions.
  • Project deadlines are either meaningless or too short which creates longer and stressful working hours for employees.
  • Terrible life/work balance - you have no option but to work for longer hours.
  • Increases risk of losing valued and result oriented employees.

Some recommendations for Senior Management:

Try creating culture of ownership:

·         Employees with ownership mindset can boost “customers first” attitude

Pay attention to proposal details:

·         Sometimes small things can make a major impact on customer value and profit.

Meticulously analyze grievances & compliments:

·    No need to make mistake and then learn. Learn more from affirmative experiences.

Usage of social media:

·        Employees should use social media for sending value added messages to customers

Personal touch to customer:

·   Customers should enjoy doing business with your company because of you.

Discuss business value with the client rather than technical details with commitments on deadline.

Provide adequate life/work balance to your employees.

Remove cosmetic levels of managers that are completely useless.

Get rid of the micro managers and replace micromanagement with mentoring.

Encourage thinkers - problem solvers and protect performers. They are the trues assets.

Bhartesh Sagar

February 11, 2014

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