Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to successfully initiate “change”?

During the course of change implementation in the organization, it is advisable not to focus on the overall corporate value and benefit when communicating change to employees. Employees care about how this is going to impact them on their career road map. How will this make their jobs and lives easier? They will always take this on an individual basis.

Strategy comes before Change

Before rushing into implementing ambitious change platform, think about developing a strategy which will help understanding the “why” before the “how.” This is crucial for the success of any change initiatives. You don’t want to be in a position where you have invested huge amount that goes in vain due to lack of understanding “why”.

Listen to matured-trusted employees

Most of us are always talking about listening to the voice of the client, what about the voice of the employee? While deciding to move on the Changed road map it’s important to make employees a part of the decision making process. Listen to their ideas, their needs, and their suggestions and integrate their feedback in Change strategy.

Set and lead by example

When leaders don’t use and support the change strategies then how can you expect employees to do so? Leaders should be able to set visible examples which can work as powerful tool in shaping employee perception about Change strategy and encourage desired behaviors.

Integrate into the flow of work

Change should not be seen as an additional task or burden for employees. It should be an organic fit into their day to day workflow.

Create a reassuring environment

If company focus has always been on rewarding performers for their individual contribution then it will be difficult to encourage employees to share and communicate with successes with each other. In fact there is nothing wrong with rewarding employees for great performance however it is crucial when it is changed to reward team and teamwork.

Measure what matters the most

Lot of Things Company can possibly measure however it is not necessary that everything needs to be measured. It will be good to focus on the metrics that matter the most to the Company. Especially the ones that are tied back to a business case. Unnecessary controls used for micro managing are the major factors for spoiling the work environment and employees will start losing job satisfaction.

Adjust and progress

Change is never ending evolution to discover new tools and strategies for every company. It is very important for the organization to be able to adapt and evolve as things change in the market place. Keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry as well as in the organization. This can enable you to innovate and anticipate.

Trust and delegate power

Andrew McAfee has frequently narrated this. “Learn to empower and support your employees and then get out of their way”. Some best practices and guidelines are ok however you need to have trust in your employees about what they need to do.

Bhartesh Sagar

March 12, 2014

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